Where Litecoin is moving 06/03/2018

Where Litecoin is moving 06/03/2018

Litecoin prices have stabilized more or less, and recently there have been no huge leaps to one side. We need to be ready to reduce the investment from the investment, as everyone remembers the negative tendencies of the end of 2017.

If you look at the chart, you can clearly see the merger and the yellow dots overlap (pivot and sliding three-day ranges), so they tell us about the offset settings up. If we take into account the neutral moving averages, then we can assume the readiness of the market for a rapid upward movement. If the quotes are fixed above the “A” line, then the rally is almost inevitable.

In connection with the analyst market data, the crypto currency prompts placing a buy order in case the market exceeds the A line. It is important to monitor the Litecoin growth charts for a short period of time – 1 – 5 minutes to have information about the instantaneous values.

Stop Loss is best set to a value of 211.28 dollars, and the input line to 218.77. Further, depending on the movement of the market and goals, it was nailed (the first – 230 dollars, and the second – 244 dollars) after crossing the first Stop Loss line can be raised to the value of the input line.

Remember that these councils are relevant for 24 – 36 hours. Leave the trade if in the first 3 hours there will not be any significant market movements.

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