What can slow the spread of Bitcoin?

What can slow the spread of Bitcoin?

Over the years of its existence, Bitcoin has proven its ability to withstand various downturns and stressful market behavior. Not for nothing is the well-known economist Nassim Taleb came up with the phrase "anti-fragile system", which is used for the main crypto currency. The latest crypto currency news for today speaks about three possible factors that will lead to the collapse of the coin: slowing the spread, destroying the digital currency infrastructure or the maximum slowing of the evolution of Bitcoin. Let's take a look at the first factor that is most important for users and allows to change the opinions of the common participant of the crypto-currency market about Bitcoin.

Slow down the spread of the main digital coin in quite a number of ways: regulation, coin prohibition, cyberwar and cyber attacks, state control over user data, black PR, financial attacks and unlicensed use of the brand. Briefly goes through each category of threats for the leading digital coin.

State regulation

The state can prohibit or impose restrictions on the crypto-currency world. There are precedents in small (for the crypto currency world) countries – Algeria, Macedonia, Bolivia, etc.), which do not play a minor role for the common market. Another thing is big players – Asian countries or the United States. Practice shows that restrictions in one country (the example of China) are being pushed to the increased development of the crypto currency in another (for example, South Korea). A holy place can not be empty.

The complete prohibition of Bitcoin

In the modern world it is extremely difficult to prohibit the digital currency. You can punish individuals alone (the example of Ross Ulbricht or Charlie Schrem), but the general world of crypto-currencies will flourish. Now there is a huge amount of possible circumvention of the ban on the part of the state: satellites, Tor, encrypted messages – that's an incomplete list of opportunities to exchange data blockage. And most importantly, any ban will allow us to find a new bypass technology and increase the cost of Bitcoin.

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It means the possibility of hacker attacks on wallets and hacking of blocking technology. While the main digital currency shows an enviable stability to such procedures, but each time, entire hacker organizations are investing more and more to obtain the ultimate goal. Bitcoin breaking is incredibly difficult, since you need to control a huge number of nodes and have incredible miner capacities. For hackers, it is easier to crack user wallets than the coin algorithm itself.

Slowdowns spread with the help of cyberattacks

The Cyberattacks are aimed not only at kidnapping the most coins, but also at sowing panic among the population. With large crypto-cores, Mt.Gox and Bitfinex were affected, and the total number of Bitcoin stolen for all time is approximately 1 million units. The incompetent mass media greatly aggravate the situation, which, after the next hacking, always says about the theft of Bitcoin, although an alternative coin is often lost to users.

State access to user accounts

The state wants to monitor user data of crypto currency, as cases of money laundering or giving bribes in digital currency. True, many sites allow users to remain completely anonymous. Each client is at risk after an agreement with the site conditions, since a hacking attack and a tax attack are possible.

PR Attack

In the media, talk shows, TV screens are full of campaigns aimed at reducing the popularity of the digital currency. The main message – the world of crypto currency is used by criminals. Information is very doubtful, because there are a bunch of open sources and ratings that show that ordinary money is more often used for illegal trafficking.

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Financial attack

This category includes crypto-currencies that are created and strictly controlled by states. True, while such coins do not have popularity among users. If large crypto-currency countries create their own crypto currency, Bitcoin's positions may be shaken, but this is not foreseeable in the foreseeable future.

Brand use

This includes the recent creation of Bitcoin Cash, which allegedly exfoliated from an older brother and has a bunch of advantages. In fact, any expert of the crypto-currency world will find a lot of advantages of Bitcoin and the shortcomings of Bitcoin Cash.

Above is a list of threats to the main cryptvalut. It's true that Bitcoin holders should not be worried, after all, more than one test was passed by the coin and there is confidence that Bitcoin will continue to keep the brand of the leader of the crypto-currency world.








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