The technical revolution does not stand still: one token on two detachments

The technical revolution does not stand still: one token on two detachments

What they do not do with the blockrooms right now: they write various applications on the smartphone, develop complex systems for making changes to the cell, try to improve the processing speed of data and so on. But no one has yet thought of dividing one token into two. No one except Kik, who announced its intention to carry out such an unusual act.

The latest news of the crypto currency for today highlights the following statement: according to the idea of ​​the creators, the digital token KIN for work will be used by the blockers Ethereum and Stellar. This KIN digital token has been developed specifically for the Kik messenger.

Who makes such a radical statement? The ambitious start-up company Kik, which set a very high bar in the ICO project's record highs: in the fall of 2017, the company managed to raise nearly $ 100 million with the initial placement of coins.

To begin with, Kik planned to simply transfer its token from the Checher Ethereum to Stellar because of the large commissions and small not enough speed processing operations Efir. But a couple of months after the announcement, the action plan was slightly changed: to obtain the highest possible results, it was decided to use two detachments simultaneously. In this bundle, Ethereum will provide liquidity to the crypto-moneys, Stellar will perform all the necessary transactions.

According to Kik's press release, the company plans to implement the work of the token on two blockages using AtomicSwaps technology, capable of blocking the token particle in a certain block. Ted Livingston said that the use of two blockers will facilitate the widespread adoption and widespread adoption of the KIN token due to a significant increase in transaction processing speed and minimum commission fees.

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In his speech, Jed McCaleb, the "father" of Stellar's blockbuster, speaks extremely positively and positively about the the current situation with the messenger Kik. According to Jed, it is he who is the first platform that will use crypto money for its intended purpose. Kikmesengers should open access to crypto currency to several million users. Also, McCaleb is very proud that Stellar will provide Kik messenger transactions.

According to Kik representatives, the work of the KIN token will be implemented in two stages. At the first stage, you can use a token to purchase digital goods. At the second stage, the opportunity to purchase tangible goods and services will be realized.

According to experts from the crypto-currency world, they say that the results of Kik's work will serve as a kind of "litmus test" and will show the willingness of the human race to scale digital money (in the form in which they are available now) to the dimensions of everyday use.



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