The new ASIC-miner from Bitmain went on sale

The new ASIC-miner from Bitmain went on sale

The Chinese company Bitmain, which occupies a leading position in the world in manufacturing equipment for mining, has released a new product, Antminer X3. The device works on the algorithm Cryptonight and allows to carry out the zeroing out of the Monero coin, as well as several other crypto-currencies.

To date, everyone has the opportunity to purchase the Antminer X3 from the newest batch for 12 thousand dollars. The company managed to reassure dissatisfied high price customers. Already literally a month later, the device can be bought at a third cheaper – for $ 7,599.

Antminer X3, like any other product, has a number of pros and cons. With the pluses it should be noted the power of 550 watts and the hasht of 220 kH / s. With the minuses, the possibility of concentrating the entire generation power in several large miners. By the way, Bitmain has already stated that it is impossible to return the equipment. In other words, before buying each user for himself must decide whether he is ready for risk or not.

His comment about the Antminer X3 was given by Monero’s lead specialist Ricardo Spagny. He announced the soonest update of the network, which will not allow us to concentrate all the power of generation in one hand. To do this, Monero will change the PoW-algorithm. By the way, such updates will take place almost every six months or, if necessary, in case of emergency.

In addition to Monero, the new Bitmain product allows the generation of other well-known coins – Bytecoin, Aeon, Dashcoin.



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