The manager of Visa said that crypto-currencies are a huge bubble

The manager of Visa said that crypto-currencies are a huge bubble

Recently, more and more often criticize virtual currencies, in particular Bitcoin. The market news of the kripto-currency is negative and repeatedly attacked by representatives of the entrenched banking sector.

One of these days, one of the managers of Visa (an American company providing money transactions services) in charge of finance, spoke sharply about the crypto-currencies in an interview with a large business international newspapers. From the point of view of the co-director of Visa, bitkoyn and alternative currencies are poorly regulated at the legislative level and therefore, in speculation with crypto-currencies, attracts scammers or dishonest politicians.

He was especially struck by the fact that the most ordinary people such as the shoe cleaner advise him on those or other investments in shares. In his opinion, this is a bad signal, a correct parameter indicating a swift shutting of the "soap bubble". After all, history is full of such events. He also noted the difficulty of obtaining "gray" money through traditional methods of obtaining and calculating money.

Read the news of the market of crypto-currency, events in the world are developing very rapidly and you need to always be aware.

Now the bitcoin price fluctuates slightly above $ 8000, the total cost of capitalization of digital currencies for the past week declined. Over the past 24 hours, out of the top 10 currencies, the highest growth was shown by Stellar and Cardano, + 20% and + 15% respectively.


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