The cost of bitcoin is fair?

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The issue of assessing the value of crypto currency will always remain relevant, since there is no single right method to estimate the value of digital assets. Let's look at some of the alternative methods for estimating Bitcoin.

Market analysis Crypto currency offers to evaluate the main digital currency either as a commodity asset or as a full-value coin. Evaluation criteria are very different and the first method is considered more objective – the evaluation of a coin as a commodity asset. The second method will be discarded, since Bitcoin is now on the wave of popularity, but it's very difficult to call it a full currency.

Let's estimate the main Crypto currency as an asset. Each asset can be compared to a standard. For example, you can take gold, which will always remain relevant. If investments in the currency and gold bullion could be compared, then the price of 1 Bitcoin should start from 144.4 thousand dollars. Agree that the comparison is quite attractive and, to put it bluntly, is not correct.

Let's compare Bitcoin with the currency. The growth rate of any currency depends on the speed of turnover of monetary assets. In other words, the volume of transactions affects the exchange rate. One of the fundamental equations of the theory of money is the equation:

MV = PT;

M – the total amount of money;

V – velocity of money;

P – current price level;

T – the volume of all

At the moment there are about 16,960,887 Bitcoin units, the fourth part of which is not used in transactions. To date, the course of the main digital coin is 6612 dollars. The number of transactions as of April 5, 2018 according to the data of is 181 832.

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If we perform all the necessary mathematical operations, we will get the figure of 6468 dollars. The difference with the current value of the crypto currency was just under $ 200. Of course, such an assessment can not be objective until the end, but it can not be rejected either, since the mathematical model gives values ​​comparable to real figures.








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