The central bank of Japan has positively spoken about криптовалют

The central bank of Japan has positively spoken about криптовалют

At the end of March, Masashi Kuramoto, the head of the Informational Division of the Bank of Japan, wrote answers to popular questions under the headline "Let's think about crypto-currencies" on the training resource.

This publication is a detailed list of answers to the most asked questions on the topic of crypto-currency : about their use in the real world as transfers and payments, about their profitability as assets, etc. For example, in one question the author was interested, why not better to prohibit crypto-currencies, because they are not entirely clear. Kuramoto, answering this question, said that the crypto-currencies had not yet reached the real goals for which they were originally developed: for example, cheap transfers, maintenance of socially significant activities, and so on. The representative of the bank believes that when the crypto-currencies reach a certain "level of maturity", then they will make the life of many people as a whole much more convenient. This is important, which is why it is worth giving a chance to crypto-currencies, because they can find new ways of using that will significantly contribute to further technological development.

Despite such an encouraging position, an official from the Central Bank does not believe that digital money can be aligned with the usual ones dollar or Jena, because they are not backed by any CB or other financial institution. That's why many users do not trust them too much.

Also not without comment was the infamous steal of tokens in January worth $ 530 million, which took place at the Tokyo crypto-exchange Coincheck. Kuramoto accused the management of the exchange of neglect of the security system and stressed that the investigation in this case is still ongoing. Recall that in February, the mentioned exchange paid compensation to the affected users. That's why investors need to be constantly reminded about precautionary measures if they want to invest in crypto-currencies. More news about the currency today read on our website.

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