The ban on cryptographic advertising on Yandex: true or fake

The ban on cryptographic advertising on Yandex: true or fake

Our review is an attempt to understand this.

As is often the case on the Internet, some of the resources that are fond of imaginary sensations are unraveling the events beyond recognition, which not only do not correspond to the real state of things, but are also frankly untrue

] One of the portals, which publishes news on crypto-currencies, has made public that Yandex allegedly does not allow the placement of information in its browser, which is both a bitcoat advertisement and any other crypto currency. And also all the topics that are associated with digital currencies, including ICO and mining. This message provided the script with a script for the service department of Yandex to one of the clients, substantiating the refusal of advertising publications:

It would seem that everything in this letter is clear, the materials do not correspond to Yandex's policy, that the requirements for materials are the same for all, etc., etc. This is a ban on the publication of all advertising materials relating to the crypto currency and everything related to it, including, educational activities, mining, mining equipment. In general, everything that in one way or another resembles digital currencies right up to the blockbuster.

When a serious crackdown on this matter began on crypto forums, it turned out that many participants in the discussion have the same messages from the client service browser, they are standard and are sent to the client audience that did not pass the moderation or, in other words, accreditation in Yandex advertising service.

As for the advertising service of this search engine, she stated that absolutely noaki changes in Yandex advertising policy has not undergone, as well as the fact that the company has no plans to introduce changes in the future.

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Misunderstanding exhausted, and talk about it later does not make sense. But there are questions about the phrase that the company does not plan changes in the future. For example, how far this future is, according to the company's spread.

Tomorrow is also the future, but the day after tomorrow restrictions can be adopted, as it happened in such companies as Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Who did not overcome the pressure from the FBI and other special departments of the United States, ceasing to publish information about the crypto-currencies, ICO projects and other promotional information relating to digital currencies.

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