Smartphone on the technology of blocking

Smartphone on the technology of blocking

The Taiwanese company Sirin Labs plans to launch a line of smartphones for blocking technology. Such news about the crypto currency with reference to its sources informs Bloomberg. This smartphone is designed to meet all the needs of fans of the crypto-currency world: from traders to miners.

It is planned that the price for a smartphone will be 999 US dollars. Taiwanese company besides smart phones also produces other electronic devices. Widely popular electronic books Kindle, iPhone and consoles PlayStation Taiwanese production.

Sirin Labs have decided to introduce the technology of blockage to solve several problems. Firstly, the smartphone will be able to store, buy, sell digital currency (purse function). Secondly, it will be possible to extract digital tokens (the mining function). Each owner of the device can exchange data and share experience.

Special attention to the developers of the new smartphone decided to give protection to the phone. So the model will be equipped with a retinal scanner and a fingerprint scanner, which will protect the owner from theft. For a thief, the phone becomes a useless piece of iron without the owner. If the tests pass well, then during the current year the first consignments of smartphones from Sirin Labs will go on sale.



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