SegWit transactions Bitcoin outperform all Bitcoin Cash operations

SegWit transactions Bitcoin outperform all Bitcoin Cash operations

After the launch in August 2017, the creators of Bitcoin Cash planned to make a coin competitive Bitcoin. The latest crypto currency news today says that only in the SegWit network, the main crypto currency transactions are greater than the total Bitcoin Cash transactions. Such a study was shared by the specialists of the BitMEX exchange.

It should be noted that the comparisons between one site for Bitcoin and the total number of "younger brother" are correct, since the launch of both occurred for one month and it seems that due to the large advertising campaign BCash had to win in but the results show the opposite.

Below is a graph of the growth of transactions in the network Segregated Witness and BCash:

Thanks to the wide coverage in the first couple of months, BCash gained momentum, and the number of transactions exceeded ate SegWit. But gradually and systematically one of the platforms for Bitcoin developed and already in three months was ahead, and at the moment and completely outstrips the competitor by 20.1%.

The main advantages of Segregated Witness can be considered the interest of large players before the transaction. In just one year, the network managed to win about 30% of the main crypto currency transaction market (with an average of 22%).

Bitmex representatives are confident that SegWit positively affects the average commission in the network and improves the performance of the block. At the end of the report, the exchange set Segregated Witness as an ideal option for gradual implementation of innovations.

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It should be recalled that at the beginning of the month some large sites (Bitfinex and Binance) announced a reduction in the commission for transactions through the use of SegWit.








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