Satoshi Nakamoto and his birthday: historical parallels

Satoshi Nakamoto and his birthday: historical parallels

Many know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but do not know him in person, and also know the age of the anonym, some even celebrate his birthday – and this is April 5, while knowing his year of birth: 1975. Thus, he was already 43. In general, Satoshi passed that critical age, which Vysotsky warned for creative people in his song.

Many crypto activists knew that in order to register on such a portal as the P2P Foundation, you need to enter a date Satoshi's birth and therefore they watched when the age of the most famous anonym would change.

Moreover, many analysts began to link the unremarkable and ordinary April 5 date to other historical events, trying to find in these parallels how e any symbolic signs or prediction.

However, for example, an event such as the death of Chiang Kai Shi, which date just coincides with the date of birth Nakamoto, it is difficult to link with each other. Therefore, another event occurred in the period of the American Great Depression, when on April 5, 1933, Roosevelt issued a decree on introducing a ban on the circulation of gold. In fact, declaring this noble metal outlawed, which also meant the confiscation of gold from the population. Such a measure was explained by the need to overcome the Great Depression.

And now the Americans returned the right to own gold in property, and it happened in 1975, in the year of Satoshi's birth. To say that this is a symbolic event, only crypto activists and crypto skeptics deeply affected by the complexes can. Because some consider bitcoin, in other words, Nakamoto's brainchild of digital gold, and others, on the contrary, consider this digital currency to be a financial bubble that does not represent any real value.

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As Roosevelt did in his time with gold, actually depreciating it for the population.



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