Mining in 2018. Does it make sense?

Not so long ago, the Bloomberg publication rated the countries with the best conditions for mining. For obvious reasons Russia entered the top: with relatively cheap electricity – $ 47.47 per mW and a cold climate (average annual temperature -3.7 ° C), it becomes an attractive place for those who like to extract crypto-currencies. However, in terms of the volume of mining, Russia occupies only 8th place, behind Georgia. So what prevents the development of mining in Russia? I think this is all due to the fact that he began to lose his accessibility. Today, an ordinary resident of the province, is unlikely to be able to maintain a quick profit installation. More and more productive forces are concentrated in large production centers, and there are a number of good reasons for this.

In the sphere of mining, there are fewer and fewer lovers. It’s unlikely that you will earn much, if for the time being you are doing your own business, the farm will for some reason shut down. You will not be able to detect malfunctions until you come home, and it is not a fact that you can quickly remove them. The effectiveness of mining grows if you consider it as a business: you can hire service personnel who will not allow unnecessary failures, buy quality cooling, and stop all possible failures at the root.

Not that home mining completely lost its economic potential. Home installation can still make a profit. However, taking into account the constant increase in the complexity of calculations and the reduction in the reward for finding the blocks, it will be possible to say goodbye to the profit already in a year. This will soon become a matter of professional interest, rather than a way of earning.

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People who are interested in crypto currency on the wave of HYIP are less likely to prefer to earn money by mining. People who buy equipment without first having studied this industry are more often victims of breakdowns. People who save on everything, including cooling gpu, video cards are burned much more often. People who panic at each exchange rate change quickly lose all their capital. There are fewer fans left in the mining area.


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