Huawei remains in the trend and creates a smartphone using blocking technology

Huawei remains in the trend and creates a smartphone using blocking technology

A well-known Chinese brand that closes the world's top three mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei is exploring the possibility of producing smartphones that will be able to run blocking applications.

The last few months, Chinese giant representatives regularly meet with one the unknown startup, Sirin Labs. The goals of these meetings are not kept secret: Huawei wants to get the right to use some operating system SIRIN OS. When asked why Huawei has one more operating system, the answer is also found: SIRIN OS allows you to run Androind and blocking applications together. As of now, there are no written agreements, at the moment, there are no negotiations, negotiations will continue.

Negotiations on this issue are conducted for at least two months, since on February 28 this year a photo was published in the group of Sirin Labs in Telegram. According to the signature, shortly before the publication date, the next meeting of representatives of Sirin Labs and Huawei Technologies Ltd. was completed. At the same time, the representatives of Sirin Labs are very satisfied with either the meeting itself, or with its results, as evidenced by the phrase from the signature of the same photo "a delightful meeting". Among other things, the meeting considered the issue of uniting efforts and joint work of the two companies with the goal of safe promotion and popularization of blockade technologies.

This information is also confirmed by the press service of the huge producer from the PRC.

It should be noted that Sirin Labs has already time is working on creating a smartphone with blocking technology and the development already has a name – Finney. According to the original ideas, Finney will have a purse for cold storage of cryptogen and a system for automatically converting fiat into digital tokens. According to preliminary estimates and forecasts of startup owners, the start of sales of the new Finney smartphone will be executed according to the plan, that is, in the second half of 2018, and its cost will fluctuate around $ 1000.

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Will the young and ambitious startup Sirin Labs own development for the sake of working with a well-known brand or will conduct its line in parallel, will show only the results of future negotiations.

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