Home of the Crypto currency On 03/22/2018

Home of the Crypto currency On 03/22/2018

Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

For many days, " Bitcoin " slowed his growth down the flowing step. But do not think that this crypto currency is hopeless and it disappears from the stock exchange. No! You are mistaken in this … Let me explain why?

Let's start with the fact that BTC remains the most expensive on the stock exchange and the fact that it went down at a price lower does not mean that it goes down before its creation. For, even at its cost, do not despair that you will not pay off when you buy it, this BTC is very unstable, because of "businessmen" and burglars, who literally break the stock exchange. [19659003] Why is it worth thinking about BTC and buying it in advance? To begin with, I'll highlight the pros, first about the very crypto currency and its purchase …

Pros about the BTC :

  1. Because of the instability in the price, you can get up well, but do not go down.
  2. The most expensive one at the present time.
  3. This "currency" will never be cheap.

Pros of buying BTC :

  1. In a few years, the price will exceed $ 90,000, equal to for this dollar rate (56.84 as of 22.03.18), about 5.115.600 rubles.
  2. In this course, you can only raise and become the best in the "bar" of money.

I decided that you need p sskazat story that is not a lie … Now! I went into WebMoney / Qiwi, refilled the balance for 3,000 rubles, after replenishment, I decided to invest in BTC … And what happened? What do you think? After a couple of days / weeks (no more than two), I was able to get after the sale, about 14.250 rubles! So, do not be discouraged, but buy and wait!

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