Fujitsu will protect smart contacts Ethereum

Fujitsu will protect smart contacts Ethereum

IT company Fujitsu, which occupies a leading position in Japan, develops software to prevent errors in the codes of smart contracts Ethereum. Such kryptonovosti are reported with reference to the official blog of the company.
The Japanese state that for today in the process of Ethereum blockade there are 6 groups of risks, 5 of which modern technologies solve. A 6 problem – the authentication of the integrity of the source code of some smart contracts is exactly what the created software should solve.
It is this weakness in the source code that allows fraudsters to forge transactions through the ability to bypass authentication. And to date, there is no software that is allowed to monitor the information inside the transaction.
The new program from Fujitsu should perform two main functions. The first is to warn the developer about the vulnerability of the source code. The second is to accurately identify the location of the bug in the code and remove it.
In addition to software for protecting smart contracts Ethereum, the Japanese IT company also invests in other projects related to crypto currency. So Fujitsu became one of the main cloud investors for p2p-payments (the block-platform), and also solved the problem of cross-platform transactions with the help of a blockbuster.

Figure – Algorithm of detection



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