Founder Twitter and Square: in ten years Bitcoin will continue to lead

Founder Twitter and Square: in ten years Bitcoin will continue to lead

The current CEO of Twitter – Jack Dorsey gave a positive outlook for the Bitcoin crypto currency. Dorsey (Forbs 2018 – 4.2 billion dollars) in an interview with a major, daily newspaper Times, shared the details of his attitude to the currency. These are the latest crypto currency news for today, read our website.

Based on Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey is considered one of the most influential people in the business community. Now Jack is 41 and his company Square, is directly in touch with this digital currency. This company recently announced the purchase and sale of tokens on the mobile application of the payment service Square. Despite this, the cost of virtual currency has not increased. After all, the latest news of the currency for today is far from positive.

Jack Dorsey admitted that Bitcoin's crypto currency is not perfect right now. Long transactions can not be used for micropayments. The minimum commission, orders of magnitude higher for traditional payment systems. According to Dorsey, the widespread use of this currency and new technological capabilities will remove the shortcomings of Bitcon. And become a single world currency for 10 years.

One of such innovations is the strength of the start-up company Lightning Labs. In which, Jack invested 2.5 million dollars. The entrepreneur hopes that the company will be able to reduce the time of the transaction, large commissions and at times a high network load.

Since at the moment, Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, but not the same effective. Dorsey supports bitcoins as the best alternative currency for the future. Able to become the best financial tool in the long term.

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Recall companies Facebook and Google banned the advertising of crypto and ICO. Controlled by Jack – Twitter. This social network has not yet decided on the position, but it is a reliable source of development and promotion of the crypto-currency accounts held by ICO and comments of members of the crypto-exchange community. Despite this, there is a share of the risk of banning ICO advertising on this site.

Twitter CEO, also stated about the excellent prospects of bitcoin. In his opinion, the crypto currency will be used everywhere. Both in digital payments and in non-virtual payment for goods or services. If current assumptions can not take root in the coming years, then in a decade Bitcoin will become a single world currency.

Now Twitter is a strong information resource. And if advertising ICO will be banned, then this action can be helped by bitcoin. Dorsey also meant that the dollar will lose its positions, will not be used everywhere. Today bitokoy's rate has reached 9,000 thousand dollars, the capitalization is – 152 billion dollars.

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