Filled the video – get a crypto currency

Filled the video - get a crypto currency

Just a few days ago the world of crypto currency exploded the news about the launch of video platforms based on blocking technology. At the moment, there are two big projects on the introduction of crypto currency into the online film industry. The big cinema Tvzavr and the Swedish-Russian producer Sam Klebanov should present their services in Cannes. By the way, pilot contracts with representatives of the European market have already been signed.

The essence of the technology lies in the ability of each rightholder to download content on the online service and receive payment in the crypto currency. The right to publish will have only a real rightholder, and pirated content will not be paid. It is the block, according to the authors of innovations, designed to simplify the viewing of films to site visitors, the content creator to bring guaranteed profits in electronic money and to warn various frauds with transactions.

The current model of online cinema services is very inconvenient. In order for the picture to appear in each separate region, you need to find a distributor who will be interested in the rental. Further service takes money for viewing and after reports pays money to the legal owner. In other words, it is not a fact that the tape will be an interesting distributor and it may not appear in the region. The technology blockade solves all problems, as all electronic payments will be received by the copyright holder online and everyone can see the payment history. That is, everything is as transparent and fast as possible.

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Imagine how the life of an ordinary movie lover in our country will improve. For example, because of the outdated system of online video platforms only in 2017, the audience did not see Oscar winner “Fantastic Woman”, and in 2016 “Out of the car” Alex Garland. Blocking technology will greatly simplify the ability to view dozens of foreign hits that are currently unavailable through futility in the opinion of the distributors.

The only problem in the process of implementing the calculation of crypto currency in Russia can arise through the reluctance of people to pay money for services. True, every year the number of willing to pay a fair price for viewing content is growing steadily.



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