Dynamics of growth of the main crypto-currencies (March 21, 2013)

Dynamics of growth of the main crypto-currencies (March 21, 2013)

Let's look at the behavior of the digital currency market based on the 8 major coins for capitalization. The forecast of the market for crypto-currencies shows the growth of the first eight from 3 to 13.5% depending on the coin in comparison with yesterday's figures.

The top three leaders in terms of capitalization are as follows: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. The priority for investments, as usual takes the main crypto currency with an indicator of 150.424 billion dollars. Over the past day, Bitcoin added about 5.5% and fixed at around $ 8,885. The coin is actively testing the level of 9 thousand dollars, but so far unsuccessfully. After Bitcoin, traditionally, Ethereum should be capitalized with the indicators of 54.724 billion dollars. By the way, it was Ether that showed the weakest dynamics of growth since the first eight, and rose only by 3.06% and now it is 556.69 dollars. Closes the top three leaders Ripple, the capitalization of which is twice lower than Ethereum – 27, 825 billion dollars. The dynamics of the coin growth is also not significant – only 3.38%. Ripple trades start at $ 0.711 per dollar.

Next, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO and Stellar are on the list of the most capitalized crypto-currencies. Thanks to a jerk for more than 9% BitcoinCash overcame the mark of 1 thousand dollars and traded at 1061 per coin. Capitalization amounted to more than 18 billion dollars. Litecoin takes only the fifth place in the list with the indicator of 9.343 billion dollars and today trades at 169.34 dollars. The dynamics of growth was more than 9% compared to yesterday's trading.

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The next 3 digital currencies, despite a relatively small capitalization, showed the best growth dynamics. So Cardano added 13.38% and now it costs $ 0.2 with a capitalization of $ 5.213 billion. The most impressive development dynamics was shown by the NEO coin, which added 13.5% at once and is now entering the market at $ 76.19. The capitalization of the coin is 4.95 billion dollars. Closes the eight largest crypto-currencies with a capitalization of 4.888 billion dollars Stellar. The value of the coin is $ 0.26, which is 12.63% more than yesterday's figure.

The total trading volume stopped at $ 347.3 billion.



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