Dash in the future will catch up with bitcoin

Many participants of the crypto-currency community say that it is possible to replace bitcoin with something else, because this “main crypto-currency” has not justified itself as a means of payment. The operations are very expensive and have a low speed. In 2014, a “new rival” was created called Dash. Its advantages are that the system will be very convenient both for individuals and legal entities and will become a platform for transfers across all countries.
At present, the Crypto currency has risen in the rating by 11th place in CoinMarketCap, thanks to the high interest of the participants of the crypto-currency community and large investors. Dash Core creator Ryan Taylor says that the prices for crypto-currencies are currently attached to the fact that the operation of bank card owners is very fast, without crashing.

Bitcoin problem

The main problem bitcoin is that not all people are willing to pay this currency. After all, when there are many requests for participants to raise the commission, in order for payment to take place, sometimes the commissions exceed several tens of dollars. Most Internet businesses claiming that they are taking bitcoin, now refuse and purchase Litecoin or Dash.
An important factor Dash over Bitcoin is that its size does not exceed two megabytes and the block is formed 2.5-3 minutes. The Dash transaction outperforms Bitcoin several times. Another director Dash said that he will increase the speed, because over this work employs about 60 developers.

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Dash self-management system

Today, Dash DAO has three autonomous organizations: Dash Core, Dash Force and Dash Labs.
“At this time, the fees for processing transactions are taken by the directors of the companies, because they make microchips for mining. Therefore, this is the right step for centralizing good mining. We are trying to create a mining farm with an excellent architectural construction. And we will make our crypto currency more transparent, in this case the microchips will be available to everyone, “said Dash founder Evan Duffield

Masterpieces for 1000 coins

For the development of the company Dash create a master course. Masterdn can be purchased by any Dash participant who has 1000 coins. Miner and the operator of the master craft share the award by 45%, the rest goes to the “treasury.”
Where to put money from the treasury, the owners of the master crafts decide by voting, the results are published in the detachment. The winning project is accepted for work, and its founder receives money to create it.
This autonomous system has shown its attractiveness so that the reception speed is high, and the task of converting them is created quite quickly.
So the system of automatic control justified itself, because the speed is very high, and the development took place quickly.

Dash created PrivateSend

Many people know that it is easy to find out the purse numbers of both the sender and the recipient. But Dash created PrivateSend using this function, users hide information and find out the recipient’s and sender’s numbers will not work. Masternodes mix discrete denominations with the nominal values ​​of the transaction of all participants and therefore it is not realistic to track them.
Platform Dash Evolution
Head of Dash wants to create a platform for Dash Evolution. Its function is that all users who do not know the basics of crypto currency can make payments. Transactions will be simplified, and the platform will be created for all devices.

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Dash and Ryan Taylor

The argument for which on Dash you need to look at investors is the head of Ryan Taylor. He is an expert in payment industries with a long record of service. He worked in the largest investment exchanges as an analyst, who managed finances of twenty billion dollars.
At the moment, Dash is inferior to bitcoin, but due to Dash’s superiority, in the future it will cut the distance and possibly overtake bitcoin.

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