Customers against the Coinbase exchange

Customers against the Coinbase exchange

Two dissatisfied customers immediately sued the well-known digital exchange Coinbase. As reported by the news about the crypto currency, the essence of the lawsuits is the theft of the digital currency and dishonest insider trading. Let’s take turns analyzing both cases.

The first complaint was filed in San Francisco and concerns the listing of bitcoin cash in December of last year. The plaintiff asserts that there are elements of insider trading in the issuance of orders for Coinbase, as some representatives of the defendant’s company knew about the proposed listing in November and could not badly earn it (they themselves had an advantage over other market participants).

Authorized representative Coinbase Bryan Armstrong promised to explain the reason for the jump bitcoin cash and make appropriate personnel decisions in case of participle of employees of the company to insider trading. However, as of March 1, neither Brian Armstrong nor another Coinbase representative announced the results of the official check.

The second lawsuit started back in 2013, when two customers bought a certain amount of digital currency via Coinbase. In February, having visited their e-mail, plaintiffs could not follow the link provided by the company, as it was inactive. It was the existence of the link that led to the filing of the claim in court. Deceived customers claim that they are not the first, and they are not the last ones who were deceived by Coinbase.

Representatives of the digital exchange have not commented on the situation so far.



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