Cryptocurrencies are losing your weight

Analysts of crypto currency asserted that nothing threatens the main crypto-currencies of the world. After all, from South Korea came good news that the Government of the country has plans to normalize the crypto-currency market. This was stated by the head of the South Korean Financial Supervision Service. Good news came from other parts of the world. So the President of Venezuela said that his country had already received from the sale of the Venezuelan crypto currency ElPetro 375 million euros, and in Switzerland the Evangelical Church began accepting donations in bitcoins.

However, despite such encouraging reports, at the auction on Wednesday the main crypto-currencies began their decline.

February 20 at 12 o'clock Moscow time, the Ripple rate fell to the dollar by 0.02% and began to cost $ 1.003.

Litecoin lost 2.1% in weight and now costs $ 221.54.

The biggest losses per day were borne by Ezerium – by 6%, and for 12 hours for it was given $ 884.4.

In the opinion of some analysts, the Crypto-currency, the rates of the main crypto-currencies continue to fall further. It is assumed that Ezerium could fall to $ 870 for 1 Ezerium, Ripple's value will be equal to the US currency, and Litecoin will cost no more than $ 210.

Despite the negative processes taking place in the Russian economy, there was a small increase in the stock market of the country. RTS rose to 1269.73 points, that is, by 0.4%, the Moscow stock exchange index rose to 2282.62. The MICEX index is expected to strengthen to 2230 points and the RTS index will reach 1280-1300 points.

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The ruble / dollar rate declined, and the dollar for 12 hours is 56.62 rubles, at the same time the euro is worth 69.74 rubles. It is expected that the dollar will be traded in the range of 56-57.1 rubles, and the euro 69.1-70.1 rubles.


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