Crypto-exchange continues to clean the listing

Crypto-exchange continues to clean the listing

Attention to the miners and crypt users! By the end of March, and to be precise, until 30.03.2018, it has been announced that about a hundred purses of altcoyins have been delisted, but the first pair will be deleted tomorrow, that is, on March 23, 2018.

It should be borne in mind that when deleting wallets assets that were on their accounts are not subject to recovery. Therefore, they need to be transferred to other storage resources as soon as possible.

The Exchange explains its actions in order to ensure the availability of customers exclusively to those digital assets that, firstly, meet the listing criteria, and, secondly, have a reliable blocking , as well as a safe storage or purse.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that there are risks of fraudulent schemes especially from those resources that offer mining for beginners in order to extract new, allegedly promising alcohols due to the fact that o can be offered options for the production of those crypto-moneys that have been removed from the listings of certain crypto-exchanges.

Last year, Bittrex canceled only five pairs of altcoys and said that this caused outrage among users it is impossible, because in the long run, cleaning Listing provides an opportunity to offer users more reliable and secure digital assets. In other words, with a decrease in the number of “junk” tokens, the value of crypto assets becomes more visible to customers.

Experts, discussing the subject of delisting, suggest that such actions of crypto-instruments are a consequence not only of the alleged disparity between altcoys, platform criteria, but the fact that in this way the exchange is trying to withdraw questionable purses from under the impact of the SEC commission. Thus, not so much reputational and financial losses are avoided if the commission finds illegal or avoided taxation of transactions.

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No wonder the head of the SEC warned in the fall that the commission could impose a ban on both ICO and mining, and on trade digital assets, if unscrupulous market participants will deceive investors and tokens earners. Later, the directives of this commission appeared, and now, as they say, the “debriefing” begins.

More than 1 thousand 500 lightcoins are now available for storage and trade. For beginners of both mining and trade, it is difficult to understand this list of tokens. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly review the listing of the stock exchange and all trading pairs marked with an asterisk (*) to exclude from the mining and trading, as they have fallen into the category of doubtful ones and as a result, withdrawal of funds from such purses will be unavailable. And this will not happen due to the fault of the platform, so it provided its refusal of responsibility by publishing information about closing the list of purses.


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