Crypto currency and bitcoin: do not promise a young virgin

Crypto currency and bitcoin: do not promise a young virgin

The maximum of love and devotion, if one can say so about crypto currency, bitcoin was received on December 17, 2017, when its capitalization was more than 325 billion 311 million American money. However, there is nothing eternal and already in 2018 bitcoin, although it did not lose its leadership qualities, nevertheless received substantial sagging of capitalization to the level of November last year.

Now many analysts, as they say, are racking their brains in the search for a reason loss of positions, both bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, and some come to the conclusion that a large part of the blame for such, let's say, unimportant state of cryptology belongs to bitcoin. And this review is devoted to clarifying what is actually the cause of the criptoline collapse that began with gray Friday or from 22.12.2018.

So, the news about the Crypto currency today is to find out the reasons for the cryptonic sinking and whether bitcoin is really responsible for this.

The fact is that contrary to popular opinion, in 2017, or more precisely in its last quarter, the digital coins of bitcoin were not being "ruled", despite the fact that its price soared to two tens of dollars. The etherium, hitherto hidden in the shadow, as well as the new altcoys and hardcuts that appeared for a short while

If we compare, for example, the growth rates of the etherium with bitcoin, the first showed an increase of 9,383 percent, while the second, only 1,000, 364 percent. And now we compare with the growth rate of Ripple, which had a record for all kriptovalyut indicator 35 thousand 564, as well as lightcoin, which showed an increase of 5 thousand.260%.

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Yes, and the current subsidence kryptonka can not be associated with the leader's crypto currency, that, for example, since January 2018 bitcoin, although losing ground, but much slower than other crypto-currencies. And this is confirmed by the fact that the share of BTC / USD in the total capitalization of the crypto industry has grown. If earlier in the structure of cryptology, bitcoin had a share of 33 percent, now 43 percent of total capitalization falls on this currency.

The true causes of the negative trend of cryptology

There are only two of them – speculators and competition.

As for the first reasons, at the end of last year, the speculative essence of users of crypto currencies overcame reasonable limits and many decided to fix their incomes on the eve of the New Year, which actually caused panic in the market.

Regarding competition, and such data that last year there were about 900 crypto-currencies, and now there are more than 1 thousand 500, and many digital assets have their own blockbuster. Therefore, the competition, firstly, complicates cryptornics, and, secondly, in connection with this there is a problem of proving the use of crypto assets.

Moreover, as statistics show, the number of crypto activists, as well as investors, does not grow, because, as they say in people, if someone burns in the milk, then he and even his neighbors will continue to blow water.



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