Club G20 will explore crypto-currencies until July, the summit ended

Club G20 will explore crypto-currencies until July, the summit ended

On March 20, the summit of representatives of the G-20 countries ended, during which they discussed crypto-currencies. Representatives of the club, made some decisions and postponed the meeting until July 2018. Recall, the meeting place was the Argentine city of Buenos Aires.

This meeting was devoted to joint regulation of the world's crypto-currencies, dealing with such issues as: whether the crypto currency is an asset, a threat to the world financial system and the exact timing of the adoption of provisions.

during the discussions were not recognized as an asset, virtual currencies on the decision of representatives, are not traditional money. Systems will be introduced that will allow controlling and regulating these currencies.

According to forecasts, the course of bitcoins and main alcocines should not fall much, because of the summit, it may even collapse. However, this did not happen. After all, the latest news of the currency for today does not have a negative impact on the value of the currency.

On the contrary, the cost bitkoyna rose to 9,000 thousand dollars, after the jump down on March 18. Other climbers also rose in the aftermath.

The participants of the G20 club, different attitudes towards crypto-currencies. Therefore, it was not possible to come to a common denominator. Representatives of central banks of states gathered in the club.

Among the partners of the big twenty-two were different opinions on the issue of regulating crypto-currencies. For example, Brazil opposed regulation. The representative of Argentina recalled that the crypto-currencies had been studied too little and therefore refrained from the proposals. Assuming that by the middle of summer, it is necessary to prepare relevant principles and regulations on this issue.

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The more determined countries of Western Europe are confident of the great economic consequences of the gray market of digital currencies destabilizing the world system.

The Economic Adviser to the Bank of England, threats in the form of crypto-currency. In his opinion, the small capitalization of virtual currencies poses no danger. Currently, this figure is $ 335 billion.

Insufficient volume of transactions or transactions of digital currencies against the background of a large amount of traditional money, restricts ownership of the financial economy.

Strong fragmentation from the G20 countries is just to the benefit of crypto-currencies and current token rates. While the governments of the countries have not made much progress in the joint supervision of currencies. The near future will be relatively calm for the growth and appreciation of crypto-currency assets. And also the related resources of the industry.

It is likely that the future meeting of the representatives of the countries will be just as unproductive. Perhaps the crypto currency will have a more legal status, a small plus. Now the currencies that have confirmed their anonymity and have a low commission for transactions are promising.

These are the latest news of the currency for today. Read and other results on the information resource CRYPTOMSN.



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