Chainalysis company has created an interesting product for the crypto industry

Chainalysis company has created an interesting product for the crypto industry

Innovative blocking startup, who managed to make a tool that allows you to analyze the technical component of the crypto currency. During the initial placement, the company was able to raise $ 16 million, according to an authoritative online publication.

Company details Chairnalysis

This company was founded in 2014. The services include providing information on crypto-currencies to the relevant exchanges, state organizations and other interested parties. Company software, analyzes translations and transactions. This reveals fraudulent transactions, future risks with regard to crypto-currencies.

Chainalysis services allow to more closely comply with the requirements of regulated bodies, the company's customers have already been: the US tax service and the analysis of bankrupt exchanges.

Abstracts of the interview Chainalysis

The questions of journalists, answered the founder of the firm, Jonathan Levin

The program's algorithms involve the most active translations, analyzing them for the subject of "left" transactions, spam in the network blockbuster and the like. The previous version of the software could only consider translations that were made in the past.

The new update will allow the analysts to produce now, which will positively affect the control of financial operations, crypto currency, increase the security of crypto-exchange exchanges. Who can understand the consistency or doubtfulness of the digital currencies of those cooperating with the exchange.

Jonathan Levin said that at the start of this business the crypto-exchange exchanges were not so huge. And the opportunities of exchanges, they allowed themselves to track the movement of money. With the growth of digital exchanges, their software software has stopped coping with a large influx of transactions. To control millions of transfers from the exchange to the wallet and vice versa, automated control means are required. Those who do can cope with investigations and view many transactions. After all, if it takes more than 15-30 minutes, then tracking the movement of the tokens will be very hard and the scammers will be able to cover up the tracks. According to Joonotan, control should be carried out immediately.

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The first experiments took place for two companies. During the virtual investigation, it was possible to increase the analytical power of the investigation by using software of the company 20 times.

To date, based on the latest news about the crypto currency, Chainalysis can analyze bitcoin based on Blockchain and, more recently, its fork – bitcoin cache. In the coming months, the company plans to introduce analysis of a dozen crypto-currencies


A representative of the company sees a large increase in virtual currencies and hopes for greater support for its software. That is, the demand for a product will only increase. After all, governments are interested in this. And the number of customers confirm this, compared with last year, their number has increased three-fold. On the eve of the collected funds will allow to increase the scale of business.

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