Bladetec will create a mining farm

Bladetec will create a mining farm

One with the leading suppliers of computer equipment in Britain, Bladetec plans to set up an enterprise to generate a digital currency. Such news from the market is credited by The Telegraph.

A project called TBBMC will be launched in the South-Eastern part of the country. The focused cost of implementing the idea is £ 10 million. The company wants to generate a digital currency for two years. After receiving a certain income, all capacities are planned to be sold and thereby to secure an investment income.

Bladetec founder John Kingdon is confident that the idea is promising and win-win for future investors. The company is considering 4 possible options for the development of the bitcoin course for the next 2 years. With negative trends, the price may drop by 40% or not change. And with the positive development of the crypto currency market, the main coin will add 25 or 50% in price. In all possible scenarios, Bladetec remains in the black.

John Kingdon said that over the next two years, it is planned to generate 1280 bitcoin.



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