Bittrex removes questionable digital coins

Bittrex removes questionable digital coins

Bittrex, which is famous for its huge choice of digital currencies, begins the procedure of removing purses of alternative coins. Such latest news of crypto-currencies for today is associated with the increased attention of US regulatory bodies.

The platform announced at the beginning of the month that up to 100 altcountes will be removed by March 30, 2018.

The official website of Bittrex provides explanations for the situation. Representatives of the exchange want to protect customers from various situations associated with dubious coins. After all, Bittrex supports strict standards and requirements in front of wallets and tokens.

Purses are removed strictly according to the schedule, which is posted on the site and asset recovery is not provided. All holders of coins need to withdraw their assets before the end of March.

Also in the list of coins that are subject to delisting there is a category with the designation "*". With such wallets it is impossible to withdraw funds, in which there is no fault of Bittrex. The first swallows of delisting were the 5 trading pairs that had been removed last fall.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said that the organization is trying to counteract suspicious coins and take various sanctions against market participants who potentially contribute to such coins. It is with the SEC's activities that delisting the Bittrex's cryptographic exchanges is connected.

It should be recalled that the Bittrex platform has gained popularity due to the huge choice of digital wallets. To date, the exchange provides about 1500 tokens. The situation with delisting seems to be a catastrophe for the stock exchange, although in fact, if we look to the future, the prospects for qualitative crypto-currencies remain huge.

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