Bitcoin is being tested for about 12,000 dollars

Bitcoin is being tested for about 12,000 dollars

After a slight increase on March 3 to around 11.5 thousand dollars, Bitcoin once again dropped to the testing level of 11 thousand dollars.

The CoinMarketCap service showed the dynamics of the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate to the mark of $ 12 thousand on Sundays in comparison with 11 thousand a day earlier. But the main crypto-currency zone did not overcome the resistance zone and could not cross the 12,000 mark. The analysis of crypto currency suggests that Bitcoin will be able to cross the coveted mark only in the case of trading on American exchanges of crypto-currencies at around 12.4 thousand dollars.

Analysts believe that even with a potential decrease in the bitcoin price at the beginning of the week, the crypts continue to grow. Such a trend became possible after the BitcoinCore update, which was conducted in February. Thanks to the updates, it was possible to reach the maximum number of nodes in the network (full support for “SegWit” was provided) and thereby greatly increase the speed and reduce the price of transactions. To date, Segregated Witness technology provides 29% of Bitcoin transactions on the main cryptographic exchanges Coinbase and Bitfinex.

But not only the update BitcoinCore supports the dynamics of the growth rate of the crypto currency. Also, keep the dynamics and status of the means for transactions, bitcoin allows the growth of Lightning Networ. Recall that it is thanks to the Lightning network that users can conduct instant Bitcoin transfers around the world. Although many analysts blame the network for lack of stability in the robot, but about a thousand nodes of the main network outweigh all the critical arrows that fly to Lightning Networ.

Interesting data on alternative crypto currency can be seen in the table below. According to CoinMarketCap on March 4, almost all top altcoyins fall by a couple of percent in comparison with Saturday, March 3. Against the backdrop of the fall, the Stellar’s crypto currency is profitable, its indices grew by more than 9 percent for 24 hours.

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