Analytics of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum on April 5, 2018

Analytics of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum on April 5, 2018

Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

Yesterday the main crypto currency lost all of its Tuesday positions and even traded below $ 6,500. It should be recalled that on Tuesday the currency successfully tested the resistance level of 7100 dollars and added more than 10% per day. The analysis of crypto currency for today marks the volatility of the market, which gives both bears and bulls hope for a favorable outcome for them. On the one hand, MACD shows a potential downward market, and on the other hand, the overbought index is below 30, which indicates a possible bullish impulse. It is recommended that you wait until Bitcoin tests the 6340 mark. In the event of a rebound from the level, you can take long-term positions on large volumes. In the opposite case, one should take positions after the mark of 7100 dollars. It is very dangerous to enter the auction in the range of 6400 – 7000 dollars, as the struggle between bulls and bears in this range is not a joke. The capitalization of the pair was $ 115.38 billion.

Litecoin (LTCUSD)

The pair tested the upper limit, but rebounded and started falling after the main crypto currency. The graph shows that Litecoin should quietly overcome the path to the resistance of 127 dollars from the current value of 97 dollars, as in fact there are no points of consolidation and growth is given suspiciously easy. Yesterday the coin showed lateral dynamics, the RSI index shows slight bullish sentiments, and MACD on the contrary signaled the possible activity of the bears. After a rebound of $ 97, you should enter the market at $ 100 – $ 110, and make purchases at $ 120. The market capitalization amounted to 6.58 billion dollars.

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Ethereum (ETHUSD)

Ethereum for yesterday's trading fell by 9%, thereby proving downward trends. With a detailed analysis of the timeframe from 4 hours, it can be seen that ETHUSD is traded in the price range of 350-400 dollars. At the same time, trading assets are growing, which may indicate a potential surge. The MACD must cross the 0 mark to the plus value. After passing the lower bound of the upgrade, it is worth to enter the auction at around $ 380 or higher. It is worth using the "breakout" strategy and after the 350 breakdown create positions at $ 345. The market capitalization of Ethereum was $ 37.3 billion.



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