Analysis of the psychology of digital money

Analysis of the psychology of digital money

Sometimes to understand the essence of some things, you need to approach the issue from the other side. Swedish psychologist Anna Grefberg conducted a psychological analysis of the impact of crypto currency on people. Read the news of the crypto-currency world on our portal.

In the modern world, resources play a big role in human life. With frequent discussions of virtual currencies, users can increase the cost of crypto currency. This is because people are prone to mass chaos of the cycle of events.

The market becomes "overheated" by periods. Of the top ten digital currencies, an unjustifiably high price is given to currencies, most of which are discussed in the trends. This is primarily such currencies as Bitcoin, Ripple and Lightcoyne. Mass misunderstanding leads to "bearish" markets.

The period of long and constant price reductions in bitcoin was five times. However, after this, most other Altokemons also suffered. And according to the Swedish psychologist, the solution lies in the man himself. In the usual tendencies for each person.

Anne Grefberg identified several important parameters that are involved in these processes.

One of them concerns lost profits. The media often published stories of getting big money from the crypto currency. Some investors became millionaires. A person on a subconscious level sees the advantages of a crypto currency from the great benefit of many people who have made a fortune on digital gold.

Most people follow these examples and try to make money, focusing not on logic but on emotions. Therefore, not many people manage to earn money on a crypto currency. Especially often, people begin their activities after the stories of young millionaires. Thus, increasing the development and capitalization of crypto-currencies.

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Another parameter indicates that most people consider themselves smarter than others. Such people do not make actual investments, or sell too early to the Crypto currency. Whatever position a person holds, he most of the time extols himself over others. Therefore, any haypovaya thing will get its share of development and then the loss for depositors of the "overheated" token.

The company seeks to acquire a crypto currency to be in the trend. This will mean "advancement" of this person to others. After all, he has a currency. However, experts are at a loss on this score. Although there is little confirmation of this parameter. With the rapid fall of the currency, many investors sell it and fix the minus.

Therefore, the news of the crypto-currency market has a powerful influence on the rate of one or another currency. The human factor was seen by the Swedish psychologist Anne Grefberg.

To date, the total value of the capitalization of currencies is 352 billion dollars. The price of the most capitalized bitcoin: 9000 $.



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