Analysis of the movement of the Monetha / Ethereum pair

Analysis of the movement of the Monetha / Ethereum pair

Back at the end of last year, the bullish mood of the Monetha / Ethereum pair was vividly seen after overcoming the resistance of 0.00025. As of January 5 of the current year, MTH / ETH was trading at 0.000598. In other words, the market grew 140% in just two weeks. Short-term traders rubbed their hands of profits.

After the pulse, a rollback to 0.00031 occurred on Jan. 10. Investors began to buy up the upper low at the lower levels, but did not get a strong plus. Already on the following day, control began to be acquired by bears after overcoming the lower maximum of 0.0005 by the Monetha / Ethereum pair.

The forecast of the crypto currency shows that the market is moving down to the mark of 0.00012. All the facts persistently speak about this: on January 29, the breakout is 0.00025, and on February 20, the generation of the lower maximum at 0.0002333.

It is recommended to buy Monetha / Ethereum closer to 0.00012. Bulls must protect this level and thereby give a push to grow to the desired level of 0.00025. The process is expected to end no earlier than a month.

Let's look at the MTH / ETH daily trading schedule on the Binance Stock Exchange:

Now the pair can be taken for 0.00017695.

Our strategy:

Purchase: about the level of 0.00012

Target set: 0.00025

Stop (exit from the auction): 0.000105








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