Analysis of the graphs of the main tokens (03/21/2018)

Analysis of the graphs of the main tokens (03/21/2018)

The forecast of the market криптовалют for the long period has character of banal guessing. Despite a large analysis toolkit, starting from the gray Friday of the crypto currency, which happened on 22.12.2017, cryptornics is subject to a non-calculating emotional impact on the part of the mass audience of speculators. It was they who decided to capitalize crypto assets before the New Year, and thus brought down the market.

However, this review is not a guessing, but an analysis of the trading schedules of the major digital currencies, on which the state of all cryptology largely depends.

BTC / USD [19659002] The leader's chart on Wednesday shows good bullish momentum, and it continues, starting with a week low at 7,774 American dollars, during a trading transaction that happened at 18:50:18 in Moscow, on March 18, 2018. I would not like to tie the bullish growth of bitcoins to information on the results of the election of the Russian head, but objective data is such that one can not ignore this information reason for changing the sign of the trend of bitcoin anyway.

However, analysts explain the reason for growth on the other side of the hemisphere, link the trend change to the American activity of the trading session.

Today bitcoin intended to overcome and carried out a breakdown of some psychological barrier of $ 9 thousand, and showed the result at 08:27:39 with a maximum of $ 9 you p.151, which is the second highest in a week, one dollar, less than the value reached on March 14, 2018.

But the next indicator of resistance indicators of both MACD and Alligator schedule a level of $ 9 thousand 800, and this level trading bitcoin, which was still on March 12.

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It is very significant that the Efirium after the weekly minimum shown at the auction on March 18 at $ 466.9, and at exactly the same time that and bitcoin, namely at 18:50:18 in Moscow came out of the drawdown and now strives to approach the result in 600 US de

As for the MACD-histogram, as well as the moving average Alligator, the first indicates a probable growth, while the latter tend to zero with the exit from the negative area, which indicates the possibility of trading from the extreme points of resistance and support equal to $ 575 and $ 465 respectively.


The general trend of the first two, considered by us crypto currency is characteristic up to the smallest details and for Lightcoyne. Guess, from the first time when the negative trend of LTC, changed the sign to a positive value of value?

It was on March 18, as well as around the same time, together with bitcoin and etherium, at 18:50:05 and at this time a weekly the minimum is $ 139.35.

Today's trading session continues to upgrade and further growth of lightcoin is confirmed with the help of MACD indicators and Alligator.


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