Analysis of main crypto-currencies (March 15, 2013)

Analysis of main crypto-currencies (March 15, 2013)

In recent days, the analyst of the Crypto-currency shows the tendency to reduce the cost of absolutely all leading coins. The digital assets are pressured by negative news from the regulator. True, after the fall in mid-February, growth is expected to resume in the long term. Let's look at the behavior of the main crypto-currencies in the four-hour chart.

Bitcoin (BTC / USD)

During the trading, the currency managed to break the support at the level of 9 thousand dollars, which enabled Bitcoin to sell above the $ 8000 mark . However, closer to the end of trading, the trading zone stopped at around 8400 dollars. Analysts believe that growth has provoked a bearish impulse and short-term traders will not be able to consolidate.

For long-term traders, it makes no sense to add Bitcoin, as the model remains neutral for the long term. The resistance of the currency is expected to be at the level of 8,400 dollars, and the following testing zones will stop at the levels of 9, 9,2 and 10 thousand dollars.

Ethereum (ETH / USD)

Ethereum remains one with the most lagging currencies . Yesterday, the second crypto currency could not overcome the $ 640 line and broke even at $ 625. Short-term investors expect the strengthening of Ethereum, and long-term traders are expecting real earnings. At the moment, support for the coin almost broke at least February – 575 dollars. The range of trades is between $ 500 and $ 640, depending on the passage of the resistance zones at $ 740 and $ 780.

Litecoin (LTC / USD)

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Litecoin if the technical side of the issue is a strong enough coin, but after the February recession can not return positions in any way. Traders took the waiting position. Now Litecoin is about three values ​​- $ 125, $ 140 and $ 150, depending on the breaking through of zones of resistance at $ 170, $ 180 and $ 200.

Dash (DASH / USD)

For short-term investors, does not bode well, as there was a very clear break and Dash lost a strong position. Currency support right now has stopped at 360, 380 and 400 dollars, and the resistance has exceeded $ 435 and $ 500, which certainly plays into the hands of long-term investors.

Ripple (XRP / USD)

The currency overcame A narrow range and is trying to take the zone at $ 0.68. It is better for long-term traders to dial a number, and on the short-term, on the contrary, it is recommended to merge. Now the option with support for the 0.58 dollar mark is being tested and resistance is tested at $ 0.85 – $ 1.

Ethereum Classic (ETC / USD)

ETC today is rapidly going down and broke just two levels of support – 20 and 18 dollars. Now the currency is trying to consolidate the level of 16 dollars. For long-term traders, a great chance to buy a coin, and short-term it is better not to make any transactions. Support is measured at $ 14.5, and the next key resistance is $ 23.

Monero (XMR / USD)

The Crypto currency showed a very strong fall in yesterday's trading and dropped below $ 200 from the initial $ 240. As with Ethereum Classi, long-term traders need to be better off with assets, and short-term ones will refrain. The currency should test support for levels of 175 and 150 dollars.

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The currency ended yesterday's session below $ 80 and continues to approach the minimum of the adjustment. Strong support at $ 50, and the next key resistance is $ 100, $ 120 and $ 130.


The coin tries to consolidate at $ 1.1 after falling below $ 1.2 . Short-term investors will better abstain, as the coin remains very weak from the technical side. Long-term traders need to wait for the support level of 1 dollar and overcome the resistance of the marks of 1.2 and 1.5 dollars.



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