Advertising in Mail.Ru for crypto currency

Advertising in Mail.Ru for crypto currency

Mail.Ru Group accepts payment for advertising in digital currency starting from March 6th. Such news of crypto currencies was reported today by the representatives of myTarget (an advertising platform that is part of Mail.Ru Group structure).

Now advertising in popular social networks can be paid using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. All transactions pass through the company, whose legal address is in the USA, created in 2013.

Dmitry Sergeev, who is deputy director of Mail.Ru Group, hopes that myTarget will give a successful start to the large-scale project and soon, “Classmates” and “Vkontakte”, you can pay off the crypto currency for all the services provided by Mail.Ru Group.

At the moment, payments are made by the BitPay platform. The calculation algorithm is as follows: the buyer enters a crypto currency, which by means of a special application is converted into a normal currency and enters the account of myTarget. True representative Mail.Ru Group is confident that very soon conversion will not be needed and the platform will receive payment for services in the crypto currency.



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